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11x9mm, Natural Blue Topaz-emerald

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  • Model : 3453
  • Products Carat Weight : 6.0500 Total Carat Weight (TCW)
  • Units in Stock : 1


6.0500 Cts of Natural Blue Topaz in a emerald Cut

11x9mm, Natural Blue Topaz-emerald
Absolutely gorgeous!, bright sky blue color with great cut!!

  • Dealer Offering Item for Sale: New Directions - Gems

    Gemstone Facts: In antiquity all yellow and broen gemstones, even green ones were called "Topaz". The name most probably derived fromathe name of an island in Red Sea, now Zebirget, formerly Topazos. The most Valuable is pink and blue. Topaz color usually is often enhanced by the process of heating or radiation to obtain a desired color.The dark blue topaz stones that have been processed through a treatment called “London blue topaz” whereas blue was called “Swiss blue topaz” and light blue are called “Sky blue topaz”. Topaz stone became one of the excellent precious stone that targeted by collectors. It can be seen from the growing popularity and the increasing of sales charts around the world.

  • Topaz Specifications:
    • Gem Species: CORUNDUM
    • Hardness: 8 -
    • Density: 3.49
    • RI: 1.61 -
  • Size: 11 (L) X 9 (W) mm
  • Cut: emerald
  • Calibrated Gemstone: Yes
  • Carat Weight: 6.0500 Carats TCW
  • Overall Grade: AAA-
  • Clarity Description: IF - Internally Flawless: Free on inclusions under 10x magnification.
  • Clarity Breakdown: Loupe clean meaning that no inclusions are seen using 10x magnification.
  • Cutting Breakdown: Brilliance with a precision cut. Stone has equal and symmetrical faceting with proper cutting angles "critical angle"
  • Carat Breakdown: Average in Carat Weight for this size stone (+/- 5%)
  • Photo Clarity Breakdown: Color is Excellent, Image is Sharp, & Background is True.
  • Photo Taken with Flash.
  • Photo shows Multiple views of a single gemstone.
  • Pricing based on single gemstone.
  • Note: Photo taken with gemstone holder with stone background.
  • Clean the Photo doesn't do the gemstone justice.
  • We grade each gemstone for Color, Clarity, cut, and Carat weight. We try to define / analysis each gemstone and photo taken (all photo are of the gemstone itself not a general stone photo) to help you make a better decision.
  • These photos are intended to provide you with an accurate visual representation of the gem.
  • Photo's taken with a macro lens, which may make the gemstone look larger in some views..
  • Combining of views also may make gemstone look different sizes.
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